Strategic Communication Planning


Frequently perceived as a process which is run independently of daily business, strategic planning influences and determines how communication and marketing activities are aligned and implemented daily. Strategic planning is the heart and soul of ongoing day-to-day management processes and as such is crucial to their success.

Is this really something you want to trust to just anyone? Why not try someone who is highly practical, creative, enterprising and innovative and who has 25 years of senior-level experience developing and implementing global communications, IT and marketing strategies and events.


In particular, I can help with:

  • stakeholder management strategies
  • communication and reputation strategy development including risk measurements
  • public relations and crisis preparedness strategies
  • reputation and corporate brand platform development
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy development
  • sales training and retention strategies

What strategic communication issues are the most pressing for you?

Let’s have an informal chat to discuss how I can help you strategically plan your communication and marketing activities.

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